Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekly Roundup

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Jessie D said...

Do We Need a New Internet? – My response to this article would have to be a positive one. Being able to have a fresh, new start to such a remarkable and nowadays necessary network would be completely beneficial. As the article stated, the internet has truly become “vulnerable” and as something that we utterly depend on for a large majority of our lives, we can not risk having the internet be at risk itself. It’s also interesting to think that the internet is in worse shape now then it was in the past. Internet security researcher, Eugene Spafford quoted, “In many respects we are probably worse off than we were 20 years ago because all of the money has been devoted to patching the current problem rather than investing in the redesign of our infrastructure.” Therefore, as time progresses, it is very unlikely that the internet will become more stable, but rather that it will continue to deteriorate. This article also mentioned how even the US military networks concerning the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan were experiencing problems including “a devastating espionage attack”. When the internet is causing issues for the military and thus for the protection of our nation, something must be done. Despite, the controversy involving the fact that this new internet design will not follow the “libertarian ethos of the internet”, it certainly will be more “secure”, which has become the main issue in today’s era. People have become more willing to sacrifice a piece of their privacy to ensure safety among themselves and among others. The internet is only going to become more advanced with time. For that reason, if we are questioning the strength of the network now, we will surely be questioning it later so change as soon as possible is the best choice of action.