Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mid-Term Time

Please answer one question from Section I, one questions from Section II, and one questions from Section III. Please pay careful attention to the word limits. Exams are due to me via email at the beginning of class on February 23, 2009. Late submissions will be penalized.

Answers will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • the use of lessons learned from our readings, discussions, and relevant outside sources
  • creativity and original thinking
  • the clarity and conciseness of your writing
Section I: You must answer one of the following questions.
A. Discuss the impact of Moore's Law on privacy. What risks does Moore's Law present to privacy? What are the potential rewards? How has Moore's Law changed definitions of privacy? (750 word limit)

B. How have definitions of privacy changed throughout history? How do you think definitions of privacy will change in the future? (750 word limit)

Section II: You must answer one of the following questions
A. design a comprehensive national privacy law. Explain the fundamental tenants of your privacy law? What legal protections would you include? (500 word limit)

B. How does the eightmaps website impact privacy? Are privacy and transparency mutually exclusive goals in this case? What privacy protections can be implemented to ensure that the reuse of personal information from political donor rolls does not have a chilling effect on participation in the political process? (500 word limit)

Section III: You must answer one of the following questions
A. What is the function of Google's new Latitude Service? Does it harm privacy? If so, how? If not, why not? (250 word limit)

B. Do social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace harm or protect privacy? (250 word limit)

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