Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heading to Tallin

I'm headed to the Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence's Conference on Cyber Warfare in Tallin, Estonia. The Conference is in mid-June and boasts an outstanding line-up of speakers - you can visit the website for more detailed information.

I'll be giving a presentation on historical analogies for cyberspace. Specifically, my colleague and I will examine if there are other alternatives to the oft discussed digital Pearl Harbor and cyber Katrina analogies. I am concerned about the current narrative surrounding cyberspace in general and am in particular concerned that policy makers are narrowly driven by fear of a massive cyber attack. It is my concern that this fear will drive over regulation and cause more problems than the regulation attempts to solve.

If this argument sounds familiar it should. Jonathan Zittrain outlined this same concept of the 'generative dilemma' in his book the Future of the Internet.

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