Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ghostnet In Action

Symantec has created a great video that demonstrates the use and function of Ghostnet.

You can also read Symantec's write-up about the Ghostnet backdoor here.

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lag63 said...

I found this video on Ghostnet fascinating. I have never been technologically savvy. I basically use the internet for Facebook, GU mail and Google. This is probably why a few weeks ago, I was so intrigued by the method by which a Dell technician fixed my virus infected computer. He was able to fix my computer from his office by connecting to my computer over the internet so that he could actually see my desktop, move the mouse, and change things in my computer from his office. It was strange to stare at my computer screen and see the arrow moving by itself. While the Dell technician controlled my computer through the internet with my permission, I now realize that cyber hackers could control my computer in much the same way through the Ghosnet program without my permission. The video showed me that once infecting my computer, he could see files on my computer and change settings to the same extent that I could as the rightful owner of my computer. The attacker could also monitor all of my internet activity down to the credit card number I would enter to buy something online. This course has made me much more aware of the extent to which cyber attackers can infiltrate the internet and even my own computer.