Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekly Roundup


Pia N said...

The story about the New York City sergeant made me do a double take. Nowhere in Solove's 16 activities that create privacy harms/problems is a clause for stupidity by the authorities. We can continue improving our infrastructure (the Obama administration seems to have a big plan) but the whole system is compromised when the people in charge don't take security seriously. This article isn't shocking because of the scary new ways people can get information, but rather that we're still reading "burglar gets in house through spare key by flower pot" stories in the 21st century.

ben b said...

To add my own link to the news roundup:

The House of Representatives has designated 1/28/2009 as "Data Privacy Day" (text of resolution here:

The first link is from a NYTimes blog, that has its own collection of responses to the new DPD. I agree with Saul Hansell (the NYTimes guy) in highlighting Scott Cleland's commentary as the most interesting. Cleland casts privacy issues in the modern age as a tension between the desire for privacy and the desire for "publicacy," echoing some things we brought up in class the other day.

ben b said...

Also, just found these (yes, I love the economist):

Some more details on the security of Pres. Obama's much-loved Blackberry.

Will the internet be overloaded and die?