Saturday, September 25, 2010

Microsoft Seeks Privacy Law to Aid Cloud Computing


Microsoft Corp. is urging an overhaul of U.S. laws for electronic privacy to help new services such as cloud computing, a technology that may double sales in five years.
As more data are stored on remote servers and away from personal computers, a 1986 digital law needs to be updated to give consumers confidence their information is protected, Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, said yesterday at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington

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Margot Allen said...

You usually hear of companies disregarding personal privacy and not wanting to put in the time or money to help protect it. Even though Microsoft is only supporting an overhaul of privacy law for its own economic gain, getting large corporations to support privacy is an important step in getting our government to take action. I was surprised to read that other huge corporations like Amazon and Google were supporting privacy law. You constantly hear about Google being taken to court for privacy violations and other questionable activity. But, like Microsoft, there must be some sort of economic gain Google can get out of supporting privacy law.