Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lawful Surveillance

For those interested has published a series of internal manuals used by companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, AOL, and others that document how these companies work with law enforcement agencies to retain and transmit data about persons of interests. In light of ou discussion of the Shadow Factory and our discussion of government surveillance in general I thought these manuals would interest many of you.

Check out for links to the manuals.

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Katie said...

I was very interested in this subject and read a few of the manuals which to me to surprise. The iphone security manual hit home most for me, as I have been an iphone user for three years now. I actually just got a new one and learned about mobile me. The salesman did not describe the program well enough for me to pay the extra money for the program but now I am happy I did not after reading this manual. The first thing many people think of is that this program is genius. Iphones do not have insurance therefor if it is lost or stolen, you have to buy a new one. The mobileme program allows for an owner to track their phone down on the computer. I am pretty positive that most users would never think that a criminal could use this program to track them down, but after reading this and taking this class I see how simple this task would be.
Another issue discussed in the iphone manual was the fact that anyone can plug an iphone into a computer and restore it- stripping all previous information from the phone. This is a good thing to keep in mind for anyone using an iphone as evidence.