Sunday, September 6, 2009

Text, Text, Text: Parental Nagging Evolves Electronically

The Washington Post checks in with an interesting story on how parents are increasingly using technology to communicate with their children as well as monitor their behavior. From the article,
Parents know more about flubbed tests and skipped homework because of online grading systems. They know more about social lives because of Facebook and MySpace pages.
The Post brings up some interesting issues that are relevant to our examination of privacy. Does our increasingly willingness to share details about ourselves negate our right to privacy? If we share information on Facebook, even if we only share it with our network of friends, can we reasonably expect that information to remain private? We will discuss many of these issues in class.

Check out the full article here.

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Yoon Joo said...

to my surprise, my mother in my homecountry started social networks even before I did. I understand taht since all of her daughters were studying overseas, she used it as a means to connect with her daughters. However, i often feel uncomfortable posting anything on my blog knowing that my parents will read them at any times. One of my friends told me last night that her mother requested a friend on facebook while she had no idea that her mother knew how to use such a thing. As soon as she accepted it, she changed her privacy setting so that her mother cant see her relationship status or any pictures she posted. Social Newtworks did make it much easier for family to connect and communicate even if they are distant which is a good thing but it does take away the room for privacy.