Sunday, March 29, 2009

CNN Reports on Ghostnet

See the following two videos that describe the Ghostnet cyber espionage network. Pay particular attention to Rafal's interview in the second clip. Having worked with Rafal in the past I can attest to his sharp intellect, attention to detail, and vast experience.

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Kristen said...

I think it’s interesting that with only 17% (I believe that’s the number the video said) of all internet users, China produces half of all malware (especially since a lot of the people responsible for this are around my age). It seems to me that this is very indicative of a culture that is very intrigued by cyberwarfare. I’m wondering, though, why is this the case (in other words, why don’t we see as much malware coming from countries such as the United States)? Do you think they have better access to resources that will help recruit new hackers, do you think they are more computer literate, do you think that their legal system makes it safer and easier to be a hacker, or do you think there is just more incentive to be one? Perhaps some or all of the above?

Also, the 60 minutes video was funny to watch because I just fell victim to the thing that sends messages to your facebook friends telling them to go see some funny pictures at a certain website. The message was sent at 4:10am and my computer was off.